Hi there I’m Richard and as you will probably be able to tell if you continue to follow Tommyno I am just starting out in this Blogging game so thank you for staying with me.

I am just a regular chap with a dog. Completing the line up an amazing, supportive family consisting of my wife Emma, our 9 year old boy James and a long suffering cat called Hulk. 

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The best of a bad bunch – see below for outtakes.

We have always been a bit dog mad. Both Emma and I grew up with family dogs of various breeds. So when we thought we were grown up and responsible enough (I’m talking mid-thirties!) we decided that if we could raise a child (mostly) OK, we were ready to take on a dog.

The first dog we had was a Border Collie called Baxter – I won’t tell you too much about Baxter because he has whole page dedicated to him. To cut a long story short we lost Baxter in 2018 and the reign of Tommy was upon us!

A year ago our beloved little rogue Tommy came into our lives and brought with him a trail of destruction and misbehavior. For a full introduction to Tommy read the Welcome To Tommyno post if you have not already done so.

One night, whilst lying in bed as Tommy gnawed on my foot I decided I would start a blog. I figured some people might like to share the highs and lows of raising a very, very mischievous dog. Whether my thinking was correct only time will tell.

I am not a writer of sorts, I can just about find my way around a computer. I am not even that good at training a dog that much is clear. But I love my dog and I hope that if you give us a chance you might grow to love him too.

If you would like to contact me on absolutely anything at all then please fill out the box below and if you like what you read please sign up to follow Tommyno and share this page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or whatever other site takes your fancy.

Thank you

Richard and Tommy


How hard can it be to get a good picture of a man and his dog?

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