How not to train your dog – Part one (with videos)

We’ve all seen them out and about, dogs that are hanging on every word their owner says as they trot obediently beside them as they walk. Or the dog that sits patiently outside the shop whilst their owner is inside buying some cider, sometimes not even on a leash!

I am pretty sure dogs don’t just do this of their own free will, I have a feeling some kind of training is involved. This is what I want, so this is what I will do. There are a lot of good Dog Obedience classes out there I am sure but hey, I have You Tube, I can train them myself.

Tommy has turned from the Dark Side in the last few months, plus he is a bit older, so I will give him his due that he already responds to most, well some – OK two of the commands I give him. But now we have Chase so I thought I would involve him in the training of Chase as a kind of refresher course. In my head this will end with them both  being superbly obedient and all three of us auditioning for Britains Got Talent as a man and dog dancing troupe. We will be called Dogversity.

So here go with Part One. Sitting, Staying and Catching. I will be honest it’s not gone great but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

1. SIT! Stay…


Review of training session

Location: The garden.

Treat used: A bit of cheese.

Tone of voice used: Sounding masculine and authoritative in my head but actually sounding weak and a bit girly on video.

Observations: Chase, busy digging up one of Emmas pots shows good recall responding to his name well. He sits on command, I walk away and amazingly he stays when told! This is going well, I can already see Britains Got Talent calling. Then Tommy shows up and it all goes to pot. Chase, distracted runs to Tommy, not me. I use this opportunity to use Tommy of a good example of how to sit and stay as he has been known to do this on a good day. Tommy, overwhelmed and confused by the sight of Chase actually doing as he was told, forgets how to sit and instead offers me his paw. PAW is part two or three of my rubbish training programme so I can only assume he is either being a bit special or he is showing me he is way ahead of the game. Or he’s deaf. Both dogs get bored and run off to dig up more of my lawn.

Conclusion: Potential in Chase at basic commands. Looking into dog hearing aids for Tommy. Could do better.

2. Catch!


Review of training session:

Location: The garden – you can tell this due to the patchy lawn

Treat used: Broken up Schmacko

Tone of voice used: Do I really sound like that?

Observations: Well this was a total failure wasn’t it? Tommy redeemed himself totally, he must have destroyed something and was trying to get into my good books. He sat on command and caught every treat each time. Chase, well he didn’t even see the treat coming let alone try to catch it. I’ll give him his due he sat when told to do so, right up until his frustrations got the better of him and it took a rather feminine whistle from me to make him sit down. Every treat hit him on the head. I can only deduct from this that this was his turn to be special. or he is blind.

Conclusion: A* for Tommy. Looking into dog glasses for Chase.

I hope you enjoyed that. Stay tuned for Part two where we will be mastering Paw and basic leash walking…

If you like the videos you can see all of the Tommyno videos in one place by hitting the You Tube button on the page or clicking here. Please be sure to subscribe to this channel as James really wants me to be a You Tuber but I am currently 100 million subscribers away from his favourite Youtuber. A bit of work to do there.

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Thanks for reading and watching.

Rich, Tommy and Chase.


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