Tommyno Chosen In UK Top Dog Blog Feedspot List

It has been exciting Bank Holiday weekend here at Tommyno. Not only was the sun shining and Peaky Blinders started a new season but we heard Tommyno was selected by panelists to appear in the Top UK Dog Blog list with

Check us out on riding high at number 14! Fame at last for Tommy and Chase (who is taking all the credit).

Our site was selected at this stage based purely on the (amazing) content as we are still in the early stages of Tommyno so we have a long way to go to climb up the rankings and make us number 1!

Both myself Tommy and Chase thank you all for your support up to now but this is only the beginning. We need you all to tell your friends and family about us and get them to come on and sign up to follow us. They don’t even have to be that good friends, or family you cannot normally bear to visit. Just get in touch and tell them to look at then you don’t have to speak to them for another years. Tell strangers on the street if you want.

In fact if you let me know you have Recommended Tommyno to somebody and they sign up I will send you a special Tommyno pen as a prize. I don’t actually have any Tommyno pens but I have loads of regular pens that Tommy has chewed.

In the meantime I will do my bit and try my best to keep you all entertained. I am trying to find a balance between the written posts, videos and pictures at the moment so bare with me if things seem a bit random. Blame the Millenials, I think most have a pretty short attention span so I need to grab their attention with videos and pictures. I can say this about the Millenials because they would have stopped reading by now…

Thank you all again and keep reading and sharing everything. Don’t forget to check the Youtube Channel and subscribe to it (that one is for the Millenials). Tommy and Chase are about to start filming their next video so I had better go and get them ready. They have become right Divas recently.

Rich, Tommy & Chase

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