Double Trouble – Meet Chase! Live (ish)



A few months ago myself and Emma were discussing what to get James for his birthday. I can’t quite remember how the conversation went but quite out of the blue we decided we would get him pet budgie. A budgie is easy to look after, feed it, call it ‘pretty boy’, teach it the odd swear word – piece of cake. He would look after it and gain a sense of responsibility that comes from having your own pet. Birds are quite tough and would surely not come to the same gruesome demise that its predecessors Pikachu the guinea pig (exposure/ate poison), Mr Bubbles the tortoise (became a chew toy for Tommy) and Captain America the fish (swam upside down for a year) met.

97DFDC75-D692-4E1F-BC75-00BFF67D759BAgain, I cannot recall how the conversation went but a day before going to pick up this lucky bird we did a complete u-turn and decided that the time was right to get another dog.

This was a massive decision, our last dog Baxter was strictly a people person. Giving his love and attention only to me, Emma and James, he had very little patience for other dogs so when he was with us a second dog was never an option.

IMG_1268Tommy is the total opposite, he loves other dogs! He can’t get enough of them. Up until recently though Tommy had been a bit of a handful (as I’m sure you all know because you have been reading Tommyno right??) so we were not sure our nerves or soft furnishings could take another dog. Tommy must have known that his rambunctious behavior was the reason he did not have a younger brother or sister because once he turned one years old, almost overnight Tommy became – A Good Dog.

That might be an overstatement, he is still a little bugger. Only today he’s managed to chew up Emmas cycling helmet (see ‘what has Tommy chewed’ post), dug a hole in the lawn and ate his own faeces. Let’s just say he has greatly improved. He’s a lot calmer, more chilled, a teeny tiny bit more obedient and hasn’t destroyed any tortoises recently.

CB483B9F-57B4-409C-A7DD-DE6A9D1E498BWe didn’t need much convincing so the decision was made. We would become a two dog family! Tommy would finally get a little brother. But what kind of dog should we get? When I was growing up my uncle had two dogs, one was a beautiful but unruly Red Setter and the other was a small, scruffy, wire haired mix breed (this was the 80’s so before mixed breeds were popular) who had a perfect temperament. The two dogs could not have been more different but they were best friends and inseparable until the day they died. This is what I wanted. Tommy being the big oaf with the shiny coat.

B738DDCD-F007-4083-9DED-EB9154AC4E08Meet his small, scruffy counterpart – Chase the Sproodle. We fell in love with him immediately, his dad was a grand looking poodle and his mum was the the most beautifully natured springer spaniel you could meet. From the day he came home with us he has become best friends and a partner in crime for Tommy and an amazing and funny little dog for us. It was the best decision we have ever made. In fact having two dogs is easier than having one dog.

IMG_1296I have loads of things to tell you about the adventures Tommy and Chase have been on but I will save these for later posts. For now I will leave you with a few photos and of course my wonderfully awkward attempt at a youtube video. Trust me this is the best of a bad bunch, it was all a bit chaotic – make sure you watch the outtake video below that includes Emma demonstrating her singing skills. Unfortunately my on screen hosting skills need to be brushed up a bit but I will try and get better if I do another one.

Thanks for listening and reading, I am hoping the addition of Chase to the family will equip me with even more useless and irrelevant rubbish to write for you. More to come from Tommy and Chase very soon.

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Rich, Tommy and Chase

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