1000 Views In A Week For Tommyno!

And we are just getting started…

Ok, so we aren’t quite in the same league as Facebook, Kim Kardashian or that Instagram Egg yet but this is a huge and unexpected milestone for a lowly Blogger learning the ropes as he goes.

When we went live a week ago we never imagined people would actually take the time out of their lives and click on tommyno.com, let alone actually read the posts about a dog they’ve never met and his clueless owner. But to our amazement you have been and for that we are eternally thankful and humbled.

But this is just the beginning.

This outstanding response has put us weeks ahead of where we wanted to be after a month, let alone after a week. There is so much more to come. Some of it funny, some of it serious, some of it just plain weird so please please please continue to come and visit tommyno.com. This page is not just for dog lovers, or dog owners it is for everyone. Well that’s a lie it is mostly for dog lovers but that’s everyone right?

Most importantly don’t forget to carry on sharing and liking what you read and if don’t want to miss out on anything you should really sign up and follow Tommyno – you can’t miss it it’s right there on the Homepage. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and anything else you can think of. The world needs to know about Tommyno and only you can do this. If you need a reason to keep on reading then see a list below of all the updates that are coming and some of the new features to expect over the coming days and weeks. But first, if you are not already a fan, then this will change your mind:

Tommys First Picture

Right, now I have your attention. Here are some things to look out for in Phase 2 of Tommyno:

  • Our next article will post on Valentines day and will take a look at that very special relationship you cherish. The one between you and your dog of course!
  • There is a lot of demand for Baxters page. This should be up and running by the weekend. It will be a very special page for me so it needs to be just right.
  • Videos! See that little YouTube symbol at the top of the Home Page? Well that will be filled with lots of videos of Tommy, and a new feature I am working on called ‘Dog Walk Thoughts’. I told you it was exciting.
  • A redesign of the Tommyno Homepage. If you check it out now you can see at the top a ‘Featured Page Slider’. You will find the main posts here, just scroll through until you find what you want. It looks great plus it took me ages to set up so please use it.
  • A few links within articles are not working. I can do better. I will do better.
  • Our first product reviews.
  • Coming Soon – The most shocking post you will ever read – The Tale Of Mr Bubbles. You won’t want to miss that one.
  • Next month is Crufts. I am not going to enter Tommy, I want to keep him grounded. But there will be plenty to talk about.
  • Dog Training 101. My advice on teaching (or failing to teach) a dog the basic commands. With video footage. How can that go wrong?
  • Agility training. I bought an agility set for Tommy late one night after a few drinks, thinking he would be a natural at this. As the spring draws near we will be getting in the garden, patching up the holes Tommy has dug and putting him to the test.
The celebrations didn’t last long…

It’s going to be a long year. But an exciting one.

Lets push on to the next 1000 views and beyond. And don’t forget to share everything thing you read and sign up. Thanks again.

Rich and Tommy

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