Update – Tommy is ok! But Feeling Pretty Sorry For Himself

It has been a long day for Tommy.

If you were kind enough to read my last post Top 5 Reasons For Neutering Your Male Dog you will know that Tommy went for a rather sensitive operation today.
All went well, he is back home feeling very sore and wearing a very fetching cone on his head.IMG_0373

Emma has refused to take him to the vets again. Tommy disgraced himself in the waiting room and pulled her over twice bruising her hip in the process. I am sure Tommy has very little sympathy for her considering the losses he has suffered today.
It looks like we will have a few days respite from his terrorising ways so I will take this time to try and publish some content on the other Pages that have nothing on. Thank you for bearing with me and thank you for all of the kind words and feedback I have received so far.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve Tommyno just get in touch here. This site is a bit of an obsession for me at the moment and I may have a bit of tunnel vision trying to achieve the vision I have for the site which could make me miss out something simple. The Tommyno Facebook site needs a bit of work but that will come together over the weekend so keep checking it out.
Keep commenting, sharing and please follow me if you have not already done so.
Right I’m off to feed Tommy steak for his tea. I think we have a lot of making up to do!

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