Updated 21st August – What Has Tommy Destroyed Today?

Updated! A Running List Of Everything Tommy Has Chewed

This is back dated as we are playing catch up but with a heavy heart I know there will be more tales of doggy destruction to come so I will keep the list updated. Enjoy.

Emmas cycling helmet –  This is Tommy showing his disapproval of buying safety equipment from Home bargains. If a dog can do this, imagine what the tarmac could do to your head? Thank you for the life lesson Tommy, it may have saved Emmas life. Sports Direct here we come.



The Sky Remote – Nooooo! Tommy! This one is unforgivable


A Trio Of Shoes – All Emmas of course. Primark, Primark, Russell & Bromley (she must have borrowed that one)
At least two chew toys nearby. Chews my slipper. Definitely from primark


The bathroom floor- for the 11th time. I’ve run out of off-cuts to patch it up now


The Dragon – It is back on the scene after his op. He no longer humps it. He just savages it. Is that progress?


Limited Edition Walter White Figure – This was mine, I’m not quite ready to talk about it. It still hurts.


A Cushion – From Primark? We need to up our soft furnishings game.


The Bathroom Floor – For the 10th time. Don’t look so pleased with yourself Tommy.


Emmas Shoe – This looks expensive. i hide this in the back of the wardrobe.
Emmas flip flop- Probably from Primark. These go straight in the bin
A seat cover – Tommys first ever act of mindless hooliganism

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