Updated 17th Feb – What Has Tommy Destroyed Today?

Updated! A Running List Of Everything Tommy Has Chewed

This is back dated as we are playing catch up but with a heavy heart I know there will be more tales of doggy destruction to come so I will keep the list updated. Enjoy.

The Sky Remote – Nooooo! Tommy! This one is unforgivable


A Trio Of Shoes – All Emmas of course. Primark, Primark, Russell & Bromley (she must have borrowed that one)
At least two chew toys nearby. Chews my slipper. Definitely from primark


The bathroom floor- for the 11th time. I’ve run out of off-cuts to patch it up now


The Dragon – It is back on the scene after his op. He no longer humps it. He just savages it. Is that progress?


Limited Edition Walter White Figure – This was mine, I’m not quite ready to talk about it. It still hurts.


A Cushion – From Primark? We need to up our soft furnishings game.


The Bathroom Floor – For the 10th time. Don’t look so pleased with yourself Tommy.


Emmas Shoe – This looks expensive. i hide this in the back of the wardrobe.
Emmas flip flop- Probably from Primark. These go straight in the bin
A seat cover – Tommys first ever act of mindless hooliganism

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