Top 5 Reasons For Neutering Your Dog

Tommy is looking at me with a very concerned look on his face.

“Do you think he knows” I ask Emma.

“Don’t be daft. He can’t possibly know. Although he does seem distracted. He’s not quite as focused on chewing my shoe as he normally is. Come to think of it he’s being very well behaved.”

Yeah, he knows alright.

When our last dog, Baxter, was about Tommys age we decided to have him castrated. I remember thinking when we left him at the vets, why exactly is he having this procedure. The answer? Because the vet told us we should. Now we had a very good vet and we trusted him completely but Baxter was a very placid dog, there was no need to reduce any aggression because there was none to start with. But we were also told it would reduce potential medical conditions when we he got old. That was enough for us and rest as they say is history.

So, as I type Emma is taking Tommy to the vets for the chop as it were (I refuse to take him as I don’t want to bare the brunt of any blame). But this time I wanted to know more about the pros and cons of having your dog neutered so I’ve done a bit more research and thought I would share it with you just in case you are considering it with your own dog.

My Top 5 Pros Of Neutering Your Male Dog

1. Major Health Benefits – Castration reduces the chances of testicular cancer. I think we all agree this one gets a big thumbs up.

2. Reduces Hyperactivity – Where do I sign up?

3. Reduces Aggression – We are lucky, Tommy shows no signs of physical aggression. He does still mouth on your hand quite a lot though. This can be quite painful and more than a little annoying when you are trying to type a list of reasons to get your dog neute…

4.  Stops Unwanted Mounting – Tommys favourite stuffed toy used to belong to James and was a green dragon. As a young pup he loved that little dragon, carrying it with him everywhere he went. As he got a bit older and the testosterone kicked in Tommy began to ‘go to town’ on that once pure and innocent childs stuffed toy. It was sad to watch. It was from ‘Build A Bear’. It cost me a fortune. Nobody should ever have to witness a hand stitched stuffed dragon humped within an inch of its life, spewing its stuffing and strawberry scented heart at the mercy of a crazed labrador.

5. Deters Dog Thieves – Somebody mentioned this to me the other day. This never occurred to me before but it makes sense. I see a lot of postings (too many) on social media of dogs being stolen for the purpose of forced breeding or even worse dog fighting. Any of these scenarios scare the hell out of me as I am sure they do any dog owner. It genuinely sickens me to the pit of my stomach. These scumbags can watch a dog at home for days before abducting it. If they knew the dog was castrated (or spayed for a female dog) then this may put them off. After all, a castrated dog is not going give them any litters. Plus if it has reduced testosterone it won’t be much use in a dog fight.

In the end the dragon lost all fight

My Top 5 Cons Of Neutering Your Male Dog

1. It Makes Your Dog Put On Weight – I always thought this true but the more I read the more I believe it to be a myth. Just keep feeding your dog a healthy diet, you could be tempted to give him lots of treats to alleviate your guilt for giving  him the snip, just remember you had it done with the best intentions. Most importantly keep him regularly exercised and he should be fine. Unless humping that dragon really did burn a lot of calories…?

2. Any Surgical Procedure Is A Risk – Nobody likes the idea of putting their furry friend in unnecessary danger but this is a relatively routine procedure and anaesthetic (thank god for spellchecker) related deaths are rare.

3. Your Dog Will Hate You – And I would not blame him. Rest assured your dog is programmed to only ever dislike you for a millisecond before forgetting whatever it was and  go straight back to loving you unconditionally again.

4. It Hurts

5. It Hurts

Well there you have it. I must stress these are only my own personal reasons to get Tommy neutered. As I am sure you are all beginning to realise I am no expert or professional on the matter. I have just done a bit of research. There is a lot of information and some great sites out there for you to read all of the arguments for the neutering of your pet, whether it be dog or cat, male or female. I only encourage you to make an informed decision.

If anybody has any experiences or words of wisdom on this subject that they would like to share then I would love to hear them in the comments below. Everyday is a school day.

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Many thanks for staying tuned. I am now off to give Tommy a huge amount of fuss whilst I tell him where he is going later on. I’ll let you know how it goes.

img_0017 - copy
Pardon? I’m going where? To have WHAT…?

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