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What is Tommyno about?

When Tommy joined our family I had no idea that I would want to write about him. I was even less sure people would want to hear about him! I still am. Prove me wrong by sharing and following Tommyno.

As we started off down that rocky road of Puppyhood I was filled with grand visions of how Tommys life would turn out.I pictured us not only becoming best of friends, but soulmates who would throw down their lives for one another, connected together on a totally spiritual level. I wanted the sort of dog who, if I died, would lie next to my coffin for days, pining after me. A bit like how E.T and Elliot could not live without each other.

tom-hardy-dogIn my most self gratifying moments I see myself as Tom Hardy, attending the premier of my latest movie (It could happen!) with the only person I deem worthy of the Red Carpet – my faultlessly behaved and surprisingly photogenic dog that smiles to the Paparazzi on cue.

In reality I’m stood in the garden in my dressing gown trying not vomit as I watch in amazement as Tommy poos out a sock and, with a look of pride and accomplishment, proceeds to eat the poo/sock hybrid.

IMG_1821Tommy should be clever. He’s digested every book on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. He’s literally digested them. King Lear, Dr Faustus, the Frank Skinner Autobiography. All the classics.

So what has this got to do with Tommyno? Well, everyone dreams of owning the perfect dog – of course everyone’s dog is perfect to them.

On my many chaotic walks I see a lot of other dogs and dog owners. On a rare occasion you will see that one dog and owner walking off lead, perfectly in step with each other anticipating one anothers every move. You can also see the dog and owner who on the face of things seem to have their act together but secretly that owner is wearing pants or socks with massive holes in that their seemingly chilled out Beagle chewed through in the night. Finally you have the completely broken souls, covered in mud, being dragged along by their dog who is barking insanely at a cow whilst they search frantically in their pockets for something to substitute a poo bag because they left them at home. Will this empty Wispa wrapper hold it all?

My point is that separately we are most of us flawed. Together we have the combined knowledge to be great dog owners with even greater dogs. A couple of weeks ago I was with Tommy in a field in the middle of nowhere. We passed a chap walking a very calm and well behaved Brown Labrador on a lead. The man spotted Tommy doing his best to rip my arm out of my socket and told me his dog had been exactly the same three weeks ago until he bought a Dogmatic Leather Headcollar and almost within a day of wearing it the dog began to behave significantly better on a lead.

I thought to myself, that’s worth a try. In fact that will be my first product review on Tommyno. But it has taken a chance meeting with a random stranger in the middle of a field to receive what could potentially be life changing advice. This got me thinking.

I wanted create a place where dog owners and dog lovers alike could come and share knowledge and advice. To laugh and cry at their successes and failures when raising and training a dog. A place to watch and interact with video reviews of pet products or live streams of some of the upcoming Dog Events. Somewhere doggy disasters are not met with raised eyebrows but celebrated as part and parcel of owning a dog. A place where the combined force of the internet can help track down lost or missing pets. All of this and much more I hope. All you will have to do is indulge me by reading the many (and there are a lots) stories about my hapless friend Tommy.

Here is a bit of a list of everything you will be able to do on this site along with some links to the pages. Most are not up and running yet but Tommyno is still a work in progress. I will be working on it tirelessly when I am not walking the dog, cleaning up his mess, working (hard to believe this not my day job right?), cooking the tea or trying to get my son off Fortnight long enough to do his homework.

Contact – Feel free to get in touch to tell me just about anything. I would love to here from you with any tips or advice or just to tell me what I am doing right – or wrong.

About – If you feel inclined to learn more about me and Tommy then this is the page for you.

Products – Reviews and recommendations of pet products, dog friendly places to eat, dog friendly holidays, dog walking/sitting services.

Baxters Page More about this later. But this will eventually be a place where you can share stories and memories of your own dogs.

News –  Upcoming dog events and updates of all things canine.

Tips and Treats – Worldly advice and doggy life hacks

Be sure to check out my Facebook page – This will become a very important tool. I will be using this to list and help track down missing or lost pets. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Instagram – Fancy pictures of Tommy of course

YouTube –  Video reviews, live streams, videos of dog walks etc.

Ok so if you are still with me thank you. I will continue to do my bit if you continue to do yours. Please Like, share, comment and follow!

If you build it, they will come – Field of Dreams









6 thoughts on “Not Just Another Dog Blog

  1. We Love the blog, very emotional and funny too! advice grateful for Daisy, last night I sprayed the kitchen floor with vinegar heard its bit of a repellent for dogs, phew great Daisy didn’t poo when we came down this morning success! but she went out in garden then came in and pooed in front of me🤔help!!!


    1. Hi Lol & Steve! The first people to ask for advice, you are brave. Wow Daisy sounds like she is making progress. I’ll be honest I have never heard of the vinegar technique before hey, if it works to a point great. We are lucky with Tommy in that apart from the odd accident as a pup he never messed in the house. What we did with him when he was toilet training was go outside with him every time, follow him round the garden and wait for him to poo or wee (this could take a while but hang in there) and when he eventually went we would make a massive fuss of him like he had just won the X Factor or something. The key to this is to keep it up and repeat it each time for a few days until it sinks in. Maybe give it a go with Daisy. Of course when we were training him it was the summer and not much of a chore. Make sure you wrap up warm if you are following her around the garden in the dark at this time of year.

      Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

      Rich and Tommy


      1. Thanks Rich we will take on board all your advice and give it ago.

        Many thanks
        Lol Steve & Daisy 🐶


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